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We pride ourselves on helping you to stay protected and informed.  Stay up-to-date on the latest fraud and scams, as well as what's happening at Ossian State Bank.

Text Message Alert

Hoosiers are reporting they have received text messages from scammers posing as a local bank or credit union. Typically the text message says that “Your debit card and account have been deactivated.  Please call this toll free number to…

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You’ve Won! Well, Not Exactly…

You open your mailbox to find an announcement that says you may have already won a fantastic prize - all you have to do is purchase a magazine subscription or some other product. Stop! Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says red flags should be…

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Newsletter Autumn 2012

Don't miss our community picnic being held on Saturday, October 13, from noon to 3:00pm!   Food, entertainment, giveaways and fun! Read More >>

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Ossian State Bank gets ‘Safest’ Designation

​Ossian State Bank is one of just four banks in Indiana that were designated as “The 359 Safest Banks in America” in an article by Sara Glakas on the Investing Answer website. The study was conducted by, which…

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​Ossian State Bank Receives 5-Star Rating from Bauer Financial!

Bauer Financial is an independent agency that analyzes and assigns a Star-Rating, from 1 “Troubled” to 5 “Superior”, to financial institutions quarterly.  Criteria used to determine the BauerFinancial™ Star-Rating…

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Fraud Alert! Are You Really My Grandchild?

There has been an increase in what has been referred to as the “Emergency Scam” or the “Grandparent Scam.” Local persons from Ossian/Wells County have been affected. It can happen to you or someone you love. Senior citizens…

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Hang Up On Scammers Posing as Your Bank

Hoosiers are reporting they have received robocalls from scammers posing as a local bank or credit union. Typically the pre-recorded message says to “press one to reactivate your card” and a live operator will then ask for your account…

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Warning of Recent Phishing Attacks

​Recently there has been an increase in phishing e-mails being sent from various sources which are scams. You could receive an official-looking e-mail from a financial institution or other legitimate institution you do business with which…

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U.S. Savings Bonds are going Paperless!

​The U.S. Department of the Treasury is ending sales of paper savings bonds. Paper Series EE and I Savings Bonds will no longer be sold through financial institutions or mail-in orders after December 31, 2011. Savings bonds aren’t going…

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